Hello Beautiful One — you who have been toiling with pain, anger, sorrow and dreariness in your relationships day after day, year after year — welcome home! Whether your agony is around your spouse/partner, your children, your parents or your siblings, this space is created to provide you total acceptance, truth about your journey, healing, transformation, growth and the support you’ve been yearning for. 

You might be experiencing some or all of the following struggles:

You are disconnected from your partner mentally and emotionally;
Your romantic relationship is oscillating between quiet and war;
Your marriage has turned into apathetic roommating;
You are stressed from a divorce or separation;
You are troubled with estrangement from your children;
You are exhausted from dealing with a growth-challenged child;
You are often triggered interacting with your parents;
You are saddened over misunderstandings with your siblings;
You are overtaxed caring for a family member;
You are grieving over the loss of a loved one;
You don’t know how to show up for a dying loved one;
You feel guilty because you hurt a loved one or you weren’t there for him/her.

Beloved, if any of these are relatable to you, then you’ve come to the right place. I am Coach Jing. With honesty and love, I assure you that none of what you are experiencing is out of place. In fact, everything is divinely orchestrated to lead to your greatest fulfillment. Yes, the path you are on feels treacherous and never ending from time to time. And kudos to you for what you have survived. The good news is, you don’t have to experience the same moving forward.

There is a way of living that allows your path to be illuminated:

It enables you to be in touch with your innate sense of safety and passion; 
It helps your mind and heart to open and align with love and wisdom; 
It teaches you self-love that fulfills your every need; 
It empowers you to uncover your self worth and confidence; 
It supports you with compassion; 
It gives you the tools to navigate the complex maze of your relationships with ease. 

This way of living is a heart-centered conscious growth, where you get to embody the truth of who you are, and you thrive and flourish for the well-being of all. 

I have accompanied mature men and women, especially women like yourself, to come out of fear, struggle and disempowerment, and embark on a life of freedom, conscious communication and happy resolve. With their spouse or partner, they either healed the rupture and are cultivating healthier interactions, or they have obtained the clarity and courage to walk out of a relationship that was outgrown. With their children, instead of stressing over their children’s conditions or blaming themselves for the misfortune, they became vehicles and facilitators of their children’s “rebirth” by their own spiritual transformation. With their parents and siblings, they have reversed the cycle of abuse or neglect, and are embodying self-love, compassion and service that uplifts all their family members and heals their ancestral lineage.

Relational harmony is inseparable from making peace with time. While my clients mature in relational freedom, they also develop balanced living through my coaching and workshops. Here are what some of them say about their transformation:

Testimonials for Jing

Working with Jing both as a life coach and attending workshops, I have improved my quality of life in three areas: relationships, career, and more effective use of time. I was able to reset my relationship to one of understanding, compassion and sharing with my adult children bringing back true communication and renewed interactions. Jing’s coaching and workshops have allowed me to rebalance work-life, and renew my career by examining my priorities and focus my time on the truly important, avoiding the extraneous time-sinks. The coaching assisted me with identifying new opportunities and strategy that initiated changes to revitalize my career and made work more fulfilling. Jing’s coaching is inspiring. Anyone who is interested in aligning their life with their true priorities would benefit from Jing’s coaching expertise!
— Steve N., MA
I’ve had the professional and personal privilege of knowing and working with Jing for about a year. She has a powerful story and is a person with a big heart and beautiful soul. Her coaching style is unique and soul searching. I benefited so much each session. She coached me about self-love and her coaching questions were so powerful that I was able to gain so much insight and clarity about myself. It’s through her coaching I started my journey about developing self-awareness and life-work balance. I also attended her Holistic Time Management workshop and benefited enormously. She has this soothing voice and is compassionate and trustworthy. She taught me to embrace the power and wisdom within me. I recommend her to anyone who is searching for happiness, balance, and fulfillment!
— Kaixian Wang, Boston
I’m a recent transplant to the Boston area and a brand new doctor. To say that my life (career, finances, structure, dependability, support, and safety) was completely overwhelming is an understatement. I met coach Jing Yao and was immediately drawn to her demeanor and energy. Not only did I receive phenomenal business results (packing my bags RIGHT NOW on my way to my dream job in my dream location), I also got coaching that enabled me to repair deep childhood wounds with both of my divorced parents and have an entirely new, different, and loving relationship with them. On top of it all, I have discovered some important things about myself and have been able to identify ways of thinking/being/doing that have been holding me hostage all along. Now that I’m free of this old programming, I’m able to fully and confidently step into my future. I’m forever grateful to Coach Jing and her gentle and compassionate way of getting to the heart of the matter. I highly recommend this coaching experience to anyone who truly wants to make a difference in their own life!
— Dr. M. Green, MA
I had a very relaxing life coaching session with Coach Jing which I found very helpful. She is a great listener and her silence allowed me to explore. She was very adept at pinpointing attributes and attitudes which described the behaviors I presented to her. She is good at finding patterns and relationships between your thoughts and experiences. Jing’s quiet and thoughtful presence when you meet her is the same spirit under which she guides your time together. Thank you, Jing.
— Rita Coco, True Business Ownership Coach and Consultant

Once again, I am Coach Jing. I am always here ready to journey with you. It is all within you… it is all you. You deserve to live in the highest relational alignment and happiness for the benefit of all.