2:30 PM14:30

Workshop: Aging Gracefully and Magnificently

As our body moves through its natural rhythm of slowing down, aging becomes a concern or a consideration for almost everyone, especially for women over 40. This workshop is designed to provide you truthful and refreshing view on aging, tips on assisting the body and mind to function at its optimal state at your age, and practices to help you mature spiritually as you advance in years. You will explore and experience:

  • The truthful and balanced view on aging that motivates you to move forward with passion.

  • Ways that help the body to prolong its youth, vigor and stamina.

  • Creative means to engage the mind alone or socially.

  • Spiritual practices that bring forth more happiness and fulfillment for your journey ahead.

Registration Link: https://synergy-wellness-center.com/holistic-workshops-hudson/

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2:30 PM14:30

Workshop: Communicate Consciously with Your Intimate Partner

This workshop is suitable for both individuals and couples. It provides simple practices to build honest, open, respectful, creative and enjoyable communications between partners. Through this workshop you will experience:

  • What it is like to offer space for yourself and for your partner

  • How to be a better listener

  • How to share your thoughts, feelings and needs

  • How to give and receive lovingly, authentically and with balance

Come join us to explore and play, and you will never be the same!

Registration Link: https://synergy-wellness-center.com/holistic-workshops-hudson/

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