Contemplation on Guilt

Guilt is one of the prevalent human emotions. Many feel guilty on a daily basis. I lived under its shadow for decades. Then my inner light came on, gradually I was able to see its true face and set myself free. Through this contemplation I invite you to meet guilt in truth and in love.

What is guilt?

Guilt is a gnawing feeling in the heart. 
It’s a voice that says “I’ve done wrong. I’ve hurt others.”
It’s what we’ve been told and what we’ve believed about us.
It’s a veil we hide behind to keep feeling unworthy and unhappy.

Guilt is disapproval of our choices and our conduct. 
It’s being responsible for what we are not.
It’s the inability to see the universal perfection in all.
It’s the tendency to look for what is wrong rather than what is right.

Guilt is applying hindsight to judge a past event.
It’s viewing life as passing exams instead of a learning process.
It’s habitually expecting a first grader to pass the exam of a third grader.
It’s misusing our divinely appointed power to self criticize and self condemn.

When thoughts of guilt are believed, there is no way out:
We are of no help to us or to others.
We take on obligations that doesn’t feel true to us;
We overcompensate to write off “what was wrong”.

What is guilt, really?

Guilt is a conditioned patterning we inherited from our family and our upbringing.
It’s a cellular imprint we are healing on behalf of humanity.
It’s a sign that we care more about how others feel than how we feel.
It’s an energy through which the universe directs us back to the truth of who we are.

Guilt is an indication that through an experience we’ve gained a new insight.
It’s a learning we can receive with openness instead of remorse.
It’s a confirmation that we’ve done nothing wrong, hence guilt free.
It’s a deep cry of our innocence for our own love and approval.

The thoughts that evoke guilt aren’t true - they are only here to be heard.
The feeling of guilt is ok to have - it is asking to be felt, not pushed away.
Guilty thoughts and guilty feelings aren’t obstacles to us in any way;
They are divine agents to inspire unconditional self love and self compassion!   

When guilt arises, how do I respond?

I have assembled the following practices and mantras for you. Please feel free to choose the ones that resonate with you.

When guilt arises, I can say to the thoughts, as a parent to a child, “Thank you for sharing.”
I can say to the feeling, “Thank you for visiting. I allow you to pass (back to your light).”
I can place a hand unto my troubled heart and comfort myself.

Since the view of consciousness and the view of unconsciousness are diagonally opposed to each other, when guilt arises, I can confidently affirm the truth by repeating the following mantras:

- I’ve done nothing wrong.
- In order for me to be who I was born to become, life couldn’t have happened any
other way. (Matt Kahn)
- I am guilty of nothing.
- Everything I do is right. (Matt Kahn)
- I did the best I could, and that is enough.
- I fulfilled the learning experience perfectly.
- I am free and innocent always.
- My freedom is a service to all.
- My happiness is a service to all. (Matt Kahn)

In light of the Universal perfection, I ask:

1. What’s right about this situation?
2. How is it better that things happened the way they did?
3. What did I do right?
4. How is this the greatest gift ever?

In honor of Life’s unfailing guidance and my unfailing participation, I say, “Thank you for this gift.”

Instead of feeling bad about myself and feeling bad for those I thought I hurt, 
I will show more compassion to myself than ever;
I will trust the sovereignty and autonomy of the course of another;
I will bless them with more happiness and freedom than ever;
I will spread the joy of being fully alive than ever!