The Wisdom of Slowing Down

If you have been stressed with busyness, overwhelm or deadlines for a while, you might have heard the words of “slowing down” from your family, friends or doctors already. And if the struggle on the hamster wheel continues for you, it indicates you have some reservation around “slowing down”. And you are not to be blamed, because we all know by experience how counterintuitive if feels to relax our pace of life.

What is it about “slowing down” that scares us? First of all, there is the mis-identification of slowing down with slow, and slow is not a concept we appreciate easily in today’s society. Slowing down is not slow. Rather, it is aiming at a pace that is most natural to us, a pace that supports our optimal performance. When we are out of sync with the timing of nature, stress ensues. Whereas when we are in sync with the timing of nature, well-being is what we enjoy.

To a busy mind, “Slowing down” evokes the fear that I will be behind, or that I will be missing out. When we are moving faster than the pace we are at ease with, we are actually attempting to live in the future. Wouldn’t you agree that while physically in the present and mentally in the future, that is when we really miss out big time? With this dichotomy of the body and mind, we miss out the quality, the perfection and the happiness that only the present moment can afford us. “Slowing down” is to bring our mind back to this moment, so that it can be aligned with the body, and to provide us the greatest focus, clarity and creativity. In other words, by slowing down we have nothing to lose but the unhealthy mental and emotional conditioning, and everything to gain, including the peace and happiness we yearn for.

Would you dare to slow down to the pace of Life, for your own sake, and for the benefit of all?