You are Beautiful

When I look into your eyes without a preconceived notion or agenda, it’s an angelic moment of encounter. I am touched and humbled by your beauty. When I listen to your experience, story or whatever you are sharing with me, I’m honored to visit your world.

You continue to teach me, enrich me, entertain me and expand me. You are forever precious and beautiful in my heart, and I am dying to witness you blossom evermore before my eyes.

I invite you to dive deeper into the discovery of beauty within you and around you.

You know how to let whomever you meet walk away with a smile, don’t you?

Give, if you can, the person in front of you your full attention. If you can’t, admit silently that you can’t.

Intend for each encounter to be more fun and fascinating. If you can’t, admit you don’t know how.

I’d love to accompany you to explore the magnificence of you and assist you to express it more masterfully. So if you like, you may reach out to me for a complimentary coaching session anytime.