Love the One Who Perceives Negatively

Thoughts such as “I am not good enough” or “I did not quite do it right” or “I wish it was different” are relatable to many people.

I have had ample experiences believing these myself and trudged in the muck and mire of guilt, criticism and hurt.

When I spent time listening to my heart or allowing the free expressions to come out on paper, I recognized time and time again how right I was or how well I did in those situations.

Things were almost always the opposite of what I thought they were. Perceiving and celebrating the perfection of each feeling, action, encounter, and circumstance heals and liberates the mind and heart. For me, it continues to be a living practice.

What is your experience? How would you feel if you consider what you experience is exactly what perfection looks like?

Try these steps the next time doubting thoughts arise:

  • Rest your body, slow down your breath, and keep yourself company till it subsides
  • Say kind things to yourself
  • Cultivate a habit of blessing people with loving perception, trust, truthfulness, compassion, joy and whatever you feel inspired, to anchor the opposite energy
  • Compliment those around you

If you are ready to explore your relationship with feelings and thoughts, and to transcend limiting beliefs so as to live in greater harmony and contentment”, I encourage you to try a complimentary session with me.