Care of the Body

I am learning to give the body good nutrition, adequate rest, and expressive movement each day. To me, example is the only teaching. The following is what I intend and commit for today, using the formula of my beloved teacher, Matt Kahn. If you care to join me in you creative way, I will be more than thrilled:

May I feed my body what makes it truly feel good as never before,
May I take the time to cook and eat, and permit myself to enjoy the process as never before,
May I bless those, whose hands have touched this food in any way more abundantly as never before,
May I trust the body to take what it needs, discard what it doesn’t and give thanks to it as never before,
May I, if I eat with company, allow the communal experience to be more delightful for all as never before…

May I be more attentive to listen to the body’s nudge for rest as never before,
May I break and allow the body to stretch or change position with more alertness as never before,
May I exercise the body in a regenerative and enjoyable manner as never before,
May I calm myself more readily with breathing when disturbed as never before,
May I close the day with more total forgiveness, gratitude, and self-appreciation as never before,
May I bless all beings with deeper healing and relaxation awake and asleep as never before…

I am worthy to receive the gift of health and balance today.

Let me do things a little differently today that honor and delight the body a bit more.

If I don’t think I am doing well today, that is OK. In fact, I tell myself well done before beginning now.

How do you feel after this exercise? I’d love to hear your feedback. Contact me right here.