When You Worry About Your Child

One of the greatest gifts a parent receives and gives is love of his or her children. That blood bond and that innate tenderness to nurture has inspired almost every single parent to act devotedly and patiently day in and out, and occasionally in heroic ways. However, if you as a parent has not cultivated sufficient emotional maturity and self care, worry can be your constant or frequent companion.

Contemplation on Guilt

Guilt is one of the prevalent human emotions. Many feel guilty on a daily basis. I lived under its shadow for decades. Then my inner light came on, gradually I was able to see its true face and set myself free. Through this contemplation I invite you to meet guilt in truth and in love.

From Hard Work to Joyful Co-creation

Hard working has been praised and endorsed throughout all cultures and history as a virtue for eons. It has certainly inspired patience, endurance, strength, resilience and heroic acts. It brought us through challenging times and insurmountable situations. It played its part well in our human development. The question, is it still up to date in this day and age where our collective evolution is unfolding at more and more rapid rate?

The Wisdom of Slowing Down

If you have been stressed with busyness, overwhelm or deadlines for a while, you might have heard the words of “slowing down” from your family, friends or doctors already. And if the struggle on the hamster wheel continues for you, it indicates you have some reservation around “slowing down”. And you are not to be blamed, because we all know by experience how counterintuitive if feels to relax our pace of life…