Celebrate the Fullness of Your Well Being

Jing Yao, iPEC Certified Life Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Jing Yao, iPEC Certified Life Coach, Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, Member of the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Meet Jing

I am fascinated with the mystery of life and and I’m passionate about making the Best Use of Time to support your growth and the evolution of all.

I grew up in China and received my postgraduate education in the States. Like most of us, my life journey unfolded through many phases. At this point, the best way for me to capture it is that I have crossed over a distinct arc. It felt like for forty years I lived in one world, then there was about ten years of immense transformation, and now I live in another world.

Before the arc, I was seeking love, approval, safety and worthiness from outside of me. Even though I did experience much familial attention, care, friendship, accomplishments and happy moments, they were fleeting and unreliable. Instead, mentally and emotionally I was inundated with fear, insecurity, abandonment, judgement, criticism, doubt, isolation, confusion, sadness depression and loneliness. I was also a victim of abuse.

I did not know how to handle my feelings, I was severely addicted to food and the need for more (of any pleasure inducing activities). I had no sense of relaxation, moderation or balance. I had no voice, I was afraid of speaking. I confused codependency with service. I dreaded changes I didn’t like. I felt Life didn’t care. No matter what, I wasn’t good enough. I was insignificant, at fault. Outwardly I was kind and pleasant, and inwardly I was screaming out of pain.

At the arc, I was blessed to receive support, teachings, communities and practices, which enabled me to care for my physical well-being, emotional freedom, and mental alignment with the truth that sets me free, one day at a time. In many ways I was growing as a baby, as a newborn. For this phase, I am grateful to the 12 step program that helped me to stop using food to hurt me. I am grateful to the teachings of Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle. I am grateful to the enlightenment of “The Way of Mastery” and its community. I am grateful to my professional coaching training program iPEC and its communities. I am supremely grateful to the heart centered teaching and examples of Matt Kahn. I am grateful to Life for my total healing from food addiction, from other addictive behaviors, and from codependency. I am grateful to every one that came into my life, and to every circumstance the Universe orchestrated as catalysts for my growth.

Since transitioning from the arc to where I am now, I continue to adventure and mature. I feel privileged to be me. I am thankful to Life’s incredible love, blessing and guidance. I am dedicated to self-care. Not only have I recovered a voice that was buried for decades, but I am also expressing it authentically, passionately and creatively for the benefit of many. I am blessed with deep peace and unconditional happiness. Each day I humbly learn to make the best use of time, and to nurture my emotional freedom that directly contributes to the end of war with time. Each day I am more committed to listen to me and to others. Each day I make more courageous and loving choices. Each day I celebrate the glorious completion of the past, the perfection of the moment, and I rejoice in the magnificent coming of the future.

In my professional timeline, I worked in the area of science and technology for over a decade. I have also met many individuals from other walks of life. What I have noticed in common was that these intelligent, conscientious and devoted people work very hard each day, taking on a multitude of responsibilities at work and at home. They have done a lot, accomplished a lot, are currently carrying a lot, and more tasks are coming down their pipeline. They are often exhausted, overloaded, under appreciated, and unhappy. Based on my own transformative experience, I am fully convinced that we are all worthy, and capable of living a life of grace, ease, balance, creativity and fulfillment. Our universal struggle with time inspired me to dedicate my coaching to the topic of time. I delight to assist you to make peace with time, and to use time wisely and productively so that you experience true happiness, and the people and organizations you serve will flourish with you.

Having been exposed to both Eastern and Western culture, I embrace people of all ethnic backgrounds. My coaching and teaching are rooted in love. They are simple and experiential. I lead by example.

Personally I refresh and entertain myself by meditation, walking/hiking, dancing, cooking, trying new things and blessing the world.

Further Testimonials for Jing

I’m a recent transplant to the Boston area and a brand new doctor. To say that my life (career, finances, structure, dependability, support, and safety) was completely overwhelming is an understatement. I met coach Jing Yao and was immediately drawn to her demeanor and energy. Not only did I receive phenomenal business results (packing my bags RIGHT NOW on my way to my dream job in my dream location), I also got coaching that enabled me to repair deep childhood wounds with both of my divorced parents and have an entirely new, different, and loving relationship with them. On top of it all, I have discovered some important things about myself and have been able to identify ways of thinking/being/doing that have been holding me hostage all along. Now that I’m free of this old programming, I’m able to fully and confidently step into my future. I’m forever grateful to Coach Jing and her gentle and compassionate way of getting to the heart of the matter. I highly recommend this coaching experience to anyone who truly wants to make a difference in their own life!
— Dr. M. Green, MA
I am honored to write about my experience in the wonderful workshops I received from Jing. Working with Jing has been essential for my development in areas I would like to improve on. I find Jing to be a great teacher with deep understanding of principals we all should be more aware of. I love Jing’s approach because she really takes the time to work with her clients and she offers a fresh perspective more effective than traditional therapy. I look forward to each session and I feel the growth and change within myself as each week passes.
— Jennifer Stanley, RI