Time, as a gift of creation, is undeniably precious. While we live in the physical world, every moment counts, every moment has its purpose and value. Do you know that every conflict we experience in life, whether with ourselves, with others, with circumstances, or with Life itself, is essentially a fight with time? Who among us wouldn’t want to be resolved from such a fight, in order to end the prolonged suffering? Who among us wouldn’t want to use time to express our creativity, to best serve those in our lives, to nurture our relationships, to enjoy what we do and who we are with, and to be the best version of ourselves, to radiate love, wisdom and all the good qualities onto this planet?

I am Coach Jing. This moment I invite you to take a look at where you are in your relationship with Time:

Are you:

Doing a lot yet never feel you are accomplishing enough?
Feeling unrecognized, unappreciated, unhappy?
Racing each day, at least in your mind?
Bogged down by tasks, demands and expectations?
Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, stressed?
Sensing boredom and loss of passion, creativity and satisfaction in what you do?
Knowing you have great potential, yet not knowing how to channel it?
Putting off the things you know you need to do - procrastinating?
Struggling with competing priorities?
Torn in different directions by various responsibilities?
Having a hard time keeping your promises?
Defaulting to negativity when things don’t go your way?
Regretting about the past, worrying in the moment, or anticipating the future?
Challenged communicating to others?
Compromising and feeling disempowered?
Afraid to take a different approach to things?
Concerned about your health, lack of sleep, and poor eating habits?
Disappointed that you can’t keep up with your exercise resolve?
Yearning to have more time for yourself and with your family?

If these are your challenges, my heart goes out to you, because I and my clients have been there, and we are now blessed to grow and mature in a different reality. And I invite you to step into the following vision with me:

Picture yourself:

On this very day, being in your best health condition - physically relaxed, emotionally resolved from the past, mentally clear and alert, and at your optimal energy level. You are passionate and creative in all your endeavors. Regardless of what is coming your way, your heart is open and ready to welcome it as a gift, bringing you greater maturity. You are willing to utilize each circumstance to bring more value to the people and causes you serve. You may be swayed or even tossed by certain changes or loss, however, you have cultivated a resilience to ride the wave and come back to your place of balance and alignment. You are able to move at the pace of grace and ease.

What would your life be like if this is more and more of your norm?

Having had the privilege of helping my clients make this shift, I encourage you to gift yourself with such an opportunity. My coaching enables your life transformation to unfold in a quicker, gentler and more enjoyable manner.

Let’s hear from some of my clients their transformational experiences:

Testimonials for Jing

Working with Jing both as a life coach and attending time workshops, I have improved my quality of life in three areas; relationships, career, and more effective use of time. I was able to reset my relationship to one of understanding, compassion and sharing with my adult children bringing back true communication and renewed interactions. Jing’s coaching and time workshops have allowed me to rebalance work-life, and renew my career by examining my priorities and focus my time to the truly important, avoiding the extraneous time-sinks. The coaching assisted me with identifying new opportunities and strategy that initiated changes to revitalize my career and made work more fulfilling. Jing’s coaching is inspiring. Anyone who is interested in aligning their life with their true priorities would benefit from Jing’s coaching expertise!
— Steve N., MA
I’ve had the professional and personal privilege of knowing and working with Jing for about a year. She has a powerful story and is a person with big heart and beautiful soul. Her coaching style is unique and soul searching. I benefited so much each session. She coached me about self-love and her coaching questions were so powerful that I was able to gain so much insight and clarity about myself. It’s through her coaching I started my journey about developing self-awareness and life-work balance. I also attended her Holistic Time Management workshop and benefited enormously. She has this soothing voice and is compassionate and trustworthy. She taught me to embrace the power and wisdom within me. I recommend her to anyone who is search for happiness, life-work balance, and fulfillment!
— Kaixian Wang, Boston
I had a very relaxing life coaching session with Coach Jing which I found very helpful. She is a great listener and her silence allowed me to explore. She was very adept at pinpointing attributes and attitudes which described the behaviors I presented to her. She is good at finding patterns and relationships between your thoughts and experiences. Jing’s quiet and thoughtful presence when you meet her is the same spirit under which she guides your time together. Thank you, Jing.
— Rita Coco, True Business Ownership Coach and Consultant
I had the pleasure of attending a Holistic Time Management workshop led by Jing Yao and found the experience to be well worth it. Jing is thoughtful, insightful, and truly elevates a topic like time management into something far deeper and spiritual. She’s also able to bring an extremely helpful mix of practical, concrete ideas and suggestions that enable you to take action immediately. I’d recommend the workshop to anyone who wants a deeper way to look at this area of their life.
— Elizabeth Freedman, MA

Once again, I am Coach Jing. I am always here ready to journey with you. It is all within you… it is all you. You deserve to live in the highest alignment with time and with your life purpose, to live life’s blessings and richness fully, to create and express freely and brilliantly, to relate lovingly, to play heartily, and to be an inspiration for all.